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Pack of 4 Easy Girth Booster Rings

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All of our products come with an exclusive GetHung 30 Day Guarantee. If your product doesn't work, send it back to us for a full refund, no questions asked. We pride ourselves in delivery quality products and customer satisfaction. For more queries, email us at

Two 15mm and Two 20mm specially designed rings that will accommodate any penis girth from 15mm up to 100mm in diameter.

Special tabs for easy application and removal.

  • 2 Different Inner Diameters: 2x 15mm, 2x 20mm (View Images for more specifics)
  • Material: 100% Silicone: Allergen Free, Flexible and Ultra Durable
  • Used and tested by GetHung
  • One of our top selling products

What the Girth Rings are for

  • Can be used during pumping to keep blood trapped in the penis, creating more expansion and maintaining it throughout long sessions
  • Maintaining fullness to heal while expanded after girth sessions, leading to faster, greater gains and more flaccid 'hang'
  • Used by some for scrotum stretching as well

Why Girth Rings are a Must-Have

  • Makes it far easier to stay hard for girth sessions, with less reliance on porn
  • Can be used in the bedroom for temporary girth gains
  • Develops flaccid hang- no more turtling and faster gains
  • Tried and tested by US - we don't promote BS
  • Extremely cheap in relation to the benefits of using the product

Not designed for all day use.

New Discreet Shipping Options available. Try these clever rings out for yourself.

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