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Q: I'm interested in penis enlargement - where do I start?

Read this (note that this applies even to guys with average/ larger starting sizes) - it explains the motivations behind penis enlargement, the benefits of it and some key things to bear in mind

Q: When will my package arrive?

Check your email for your order tracking link - this may be in the "spam" folder
Since we order direct from product manufacturers, delivery can take from 20-40 days, depending on product and circumstance.
Add on items (such as a discounted ADS purchased alongside the SizeDoctor) may be shipped separately from the main order, depending on where we stock each of the items. The tracking link will apply to the main item - so don't worry if one item arrives before the other - this does not mean one item was missed out.
If you haven't received a tracking number after a week of your order, or the tracking does not work, email us (gethungofficial@gmail.com) and we will find out for you.


Q: Is the packaging discreet?

We have ensured our suppliers put *nothing* on the packaging to suggest that the products have anything to do with male enhancement or otherwise.
All packages have an opaque cover and standard shapes (e.g. a plain box, with 2 layers of wrap) 
In the very unlikely event this isn't the case, please contact us so we can keep suppliers accountable.


Q: What proof is there that penis enlargement works?

We have a very comprehensive article on it here

Q: Why should I buy from GetHung?

Take a moment and think for a second...
What would you rather have - a massive, top 1% penis or £1,000 in cash and a small penis? How about £5,000? £10,000?
There you can clearly see the value of effective penis enlargement.
(Fun Task: Ask any woman if they'd like Brad Pitt if he had a micropenis)
You already know the answer.
Every guy *knows* it in his gut - much like the benefits of the gym - despite the constantly repeated lie that "size doesn't matter"
EVERY SINGLE SUCCESSFUL PE PRACTITIONER I KNOW has said that sex massively improved for them. This includes myself.
Get the gains and see for yourself
(Lots more in our blog about the benefits of increased size)
As for who to buy effective enlargement products from: There are many strong reasons why you should buy from us. Click any of these links below to see evidence of all of the below statements.
Every product we have used and tested ourselves for hundreds of hours. I myself have gained over 1.25" in erect length, with a lot more to come, and know what works and what doesn't. Many online sellers have never even used the questionable devices they peddle.
We have worked and discussed with practitioners worldwide who have gained over 3 INCHES in verified length and 2 INCHES in verified girth, in a search for the most effective methods to hit one's goals.  
We don't sell junk and you can be sure you are going to get results with us, so long as you put in the time and effort.
We endeavour to answer every customer query and help them all achieve their goals, no matter how big or small.
This is why we have our GUARANTEE in place.
Buying from us is a risk-free investment into the future you want.

Q: Does Size Matter?

Yes. Right off the bat.
EVERY SINGLE SUCCESSFUL PE PRACTITIONER I KNOW has said that sex massively improved for themThis includes myself.
61% of women have rejected a guy for being too small and 81% would prefer an average guy with a big dick over a hot guy with a small one!
This doesn't even consider how size matters to the men themselves.
(Ask any woman if they'd like Brad Pitt if he had a micropenis)
We're going to do a very comprehensive post on it in the coming months. 
For the moment, read some of these:

Q: How do I use the devices - do they come with instructions?

We are currently in the process of creating our own instructions for all of our products, as many of the booklets aren't comprehensive enough.
*A lot of this involves tweaking and adjusting so your device works for you*
There is a learning curve to using every PE device - much like starting a new routine at the gym - you need to find what devices, routines and tweaks fit your life and your goals.
Research everything you can on Youtube and Google. No one instruction manual can reasonably cover every nook and cranny, but we endeavour to provide the best general guides, after which you can contact us (we use the devices ourselves) or search around for answers.
SizeDoctor Pro
The device is manufactured in Korea, so comes with a full Korean manual, which is not necessary to use the product.
(we tried to hire a translation service to translate the manual, but they made numerous mistakes, so compiled the best explanatory videos I could find)
We have in our "blog" section, under reviews, a full playlist of how to use the SizeDoctor Pro. 

Q: How large can I get with Penis Enlargement? 

This is answered in our blog post:  How Large Can You Get From Penis Enlargement Exercises?

Q: Should I use an ADS device? Is it important?


Using an ADS device allows your penis to heal in an extended state - in practice leading to *faster gains* as your penis heals from your routine longer - not just stronger.


Q: What should my size goals be?


For a long time in the penis enlargement community, 8"x6" (8 inches bone pressed erect length, 6 inches erect average girth) was considered the ideal, long term goal length. 
Personally, I believe this to be pretty accurate as a long term goal - although perhaps too ambitious for some practitioners with limited time and money to spare and/or smaller starting sizes.
Personal reports from guys that size really cemented this belief for myself. (Such as this guy who went from 6" to 8") Above this size, the benefits are debatable, effort required to gain more keeps increasing and the negative effects of each additional fraction of an inch keep increasing.
Don't worry about getting too big - it definitely won't happen overnight!
My current goal is to hit 9" x 6.25" (What we'd consider platinum standard) (starting size: 5.5" x 4.5", currently at 6.7" x 5.3" as of 12/11/19)
As an intermediate goal, we recommend 6.5" length (and 5"+ girth): This is explained well in this post (Basically, at this point you start being able to create stronger vaginal orgasms and keep girls craving for more - I've seen it for myself - could call it the lower bar for "Good Dick")
Here is a *rough* mental guide
4.5" x 4"+ "Small Dick" - Barely noticeable effect
5.5" x 4.5"+  "Ok Dick" - Just below average, does the job
6.5" x 5"+ "Good Dick" - Size becomes an advantage, good vaginal orgasms (with aggression)
7.25" x 5.5"+ "Great Dick" - Faster to create vaginal orgasms, stronger and easier too
8" x 6"+ "Huge Dick" - Able to hit deep spots and create VERY intense orgasms - probably their biggest 
9" x 6.25"+ "Stud" - Same as above, even more so - very likely to be biggest they've ever had  (risk of getting too big)
10.5"x7"+ (Largest anyone has demonstrably reached with PE) - Too big for the vast majority of guys - perhaps beneficial in certain niches eg porn
If you are starting very small (<4" BPEL), I would recommend 5.25" length as a starter goal - at this point you are within the "normal range" for penis size - lots of people will have smaller penises than you (about 1 in 5)

Q: What's the ideal size?

View the answer to the question above ("What should my goals be?") and/or read this blog post: What really is the ideal penis size?

Q: What's the average penis size? How do I compare to the population?

Answered in this comprehensive blog post

Q: Do you have beginner's routines?

Beginner Routines explained here

Q: Do you also endorse hanging?

We're big fans of penis hanging for faster gains: check out our Malehanger Review and LGHanger Review - both of which contain discount links and codes

Q: Are extenders discreet? Can I wear them in public? 

In my experience, pretty much all rod-based extenders, such as Sizegenetics, Proextender and Sizedoctor are NOT 100% discreet unless you were to wear incredibly baggy clothing and wrap your extender with a sock to hide the shape, which is unrealistic. They CAN be worn while studying in private, at home or elsewhere you have decent privacy and tend to be the most effective type of extender.

There are some devices which ARE extremely discreet and can be worn invisibly in public, as tested by myself - these are the Phallomate and Phallosan Forte - they are built using "belt" systems - however typically generate less traction, hence why we recommend using them as "ADS" (All Day Stretcher) Devices rather than as your main extending tool.

However, some people claim to be able to wear extenders discreetly, although I never have been able to myself (even tried using socks to wrap the shape and walking like I had a red bull can down the inside of my trousers...)

Q: What's the difference between vacuum attachment and noose attachment extenders?



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