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PhalloMate™ Vacuum Extender System

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All of our products come with an exclusive GetHung 30 Day Guarantee. If your product doesn't work, send it back to us for a full refund, no questions asked. We pride ourselves in delivering quality products and customer satisfaction. For more queries, email us at


Each system contains: 

  • 1x Vacuum Cup
  • 1x Suction Tube
  • 1x Adjustable Neck Harness w/clips
  • 1x Silicone Sleeve
  • 1x Glans Cap

Sizing Guide

Note: Contact us and we can send you replacement vacuum cups for a small fee, so if you outgrow/damage your current cup you can have another - same with our sleeves!

All vacuum cups are 5.5cm (2.17") in height. 

Inner Diameters:

  • Small - 1.2" (3cm) diameter - 3.7" circumference (girth)
  • Medium - 1.4" (3.5cm) diameter - 4.3" circumference (girth)
  • Large - 1.5" (3.9cm) diameter - 4.8" circumference (girth)
[All measurements to 1 decimal place]

Note: This will be for your *semi-erect* penis, so if you're undecided we would recommend the medium as it allows some room for growth. A few customers found the small to be smaller than expected.

How Does The PhalloMate™ Compare to Other Extenders?

  1. Pricing- Most other "name brand" extenders, such as the Phallosan, cost £200 +, Phallomate delivers the same traction force at fraction of the price
  2. Neck Harness - in this store, we have a variety of different harnesses for our extenders/ ADS systems. One of the biggest advantages of the neck harness is that it applies force at a different angle to conventional extenders, stressing different penis tissues, specifically the *shaft*, rather than the ligaments. If you already have incorporated other downward direction methods, stretching up can help you gain faster and bust plateaus. It is just as much growth in the shaft that gives you the "hung" look as it is ligament stretching. One must do both to maximise results.
  3. More on the Neck Harness - some customers of leg strap style ADS have an issue of the system being too visible when wearing shorts/ trousers. Leg strap systems can look jagged, like you've got some chastity belt on at times! Not a good look. The upright position makes it easier to hide and more comfortable when sitting down. Just tuck it under your waistband.
  4. Air suction method- Using the tube, you can manually adjust the vacuum pressure on the glans, allowing for more control. Typically hand pumping systems are far more expensive.
  5. Also contains (optional to use) glans cap, to protect the glans from swelling - especially at the start of your PE training until your penis has become conditioned to the vacuum. You can also use this across other devices.
  6. Sleeves can also be worn on their own if you are unable to wear the device for any reason, or with other devices such as extenders.

Who We Recommend PhalloMate™ For

  • People with limited budgets - at our price you save a ton over name brands
  • Newbies looking for easy beginner gains, without having to manually stretch your dick in the bathroom for 2 hours a day. You can gain 1" in 6 months with ease, along with 0.5" girth
  • Those who have tried leg strap ADS systems and want to vary their exercise regimen

For the best extender on the market, we recommend our SizeDoctor Pro System, which generates the most tension (up to 5kg) of ANY extender on the market. We use it ourselves and we sell it at a fraction of the price of other branded extenders. - it can even come with a discounted Phallomate!

If you can't afford SizeDoctor OR just want to test the water, we would recommend the Phallomate. It does the job, at a great price.

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PhalloMate™ Vacuum Extender System




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