How Sex TRANSFORMS From 6" to 8"

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Although we cannot verify his gains, his personal account is very, very similar to dozens of others we have read from others who have enlarged their penis significantly and fits with the science (Check out our other blog)


" I have a somewhat unique experience in regard to penis size. I've had a 6 inch dick, 7 inch dick, and now 8 inches. 7 inches is actually my original size but my dick shrank due to years of Propecia use (anti-hair loss drug). Propecia is a DHT blocker and a dick is basically a DHT sponge so yes Propecia can shrink your dick and give your erection problems as well! Thank God I was able to get my original size back and more due to penis enhancement exercises. 

6 inch dick experiences: (Actual size 6.25" BPEL, 4.5" girth)

My smallest size after 6 years of using Propecia. Probably a dozen sexual partners in that time. None commented on my dick size. This tells me that dicks this big are completely average and research studies back up this observation. My dick inspired neither love or hate. It was just a neutral element to my game. If your dick is average you will have to compensate in some other areas because you're not winning any points here. 

7 inch dick experiences: (Actual size 7.0" BPEL, 5.0" girth)

My original size before I started using Propecia. Only had sex with a few girls since I was inexperienced and was in a relationship with one girl for years. Each girl did say my dick was big though and responded much more positively to it than the shrunken version I had later. I was able to go balls deep in every girl though, so for many people I think a dick this size might be ideal.

8 inch dick experiences: (Actual size 8.25" BPEL, 5.75" girth)

The size I have now after 4 years of PE (penis enhancement) exercises. Sex is totally different now and I've had a lot of partners in this time frame. Once you reach this size your dick essentially starts to take on a personality of its own and the sexual experience revolves around it. Despite what a lot of people want to believe big dicks are a huge turn on for most girls even if they can't take one all the way. I rarely even eat girls out anymore because I can get most to orgasm just through fucking them thanks to above average girth and stroke. 

At this level the infamous dick pics start to become effective. Yes, dick picks work but only if you have a BIG DICK. I never even tell girls what my size is, I just make them guess. Most say 9 or 10 inches, even though in reality I'm nowhere close to that. It just shows how much most guys inflate their dick measurements by an inch or two. Needless to say repeat business has become much easier. I only need to fuck them for a decent amount of time and I know they'll text me back later. 

TLDR: Having a big dick is awesome when it comes to getting and keeping girls. It really boggles my mind more guys don't invest time into PE.


Another powerful proof size matters.

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