Read this if you think you have a small penis

“We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.”

- Randy Pausch

If you aren’t ready to accept that a lot of what society says about size is wrong, stop reading now. Seriously. Stay in the matrix. Read a few buzzfeed articles on how ‘size doesn’t matter’, ‘penis enlargement doesn’t work’ and keep going about your life.

Matrix red pill ble pill morpheus decision

Still here?

This article will show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

All across the web, I’ve come across dozens, if not hundreds, of tragic accounts of guys who have given up all hope for relationships and affection. Many of these guys have been rejected, humiliated and made to feel deeply depressed and unlovable, some to the point of contemplating suicide. Feeling they were cursed with an unfixable problem - inferior to all other guys out there - never able to experience so many things - they give up hope. It really is quite an empty and lonely gut feeling. All because of having a small penis.

A Few Examples:


You took the red pill, so we'll show just how dark the hole can be.

List of international suicide hotlines for anyone who is struggling at the moment.

[Incel Redditor Suicide Note]

"[Talking about some very impressive professional and academic achievements] I am not trying to brag, none of these things brought me much self worth in the end. At best I have been a cog in the machine that enables people to experience the joys that I cannot. It is incredibly emasculating knowing that you cannot satisfy a woman as well as others or even inanimate objects. I never managed to give a woman that "full" feeling that they seem to enjoy so much, let alone a real orgasm."

"I have had three serious girlfriends who I thought I loved, really objectively beautiful and intelligent (I always tried to go for intelligent women over beautiful ones) but they all ended it for remarkably similar reasons, i.e. we were not compatible physically. All this is not conjecture or depressive paranoia, I established that meant penis size."

"As a sidenote, I love how women are so quick to point out that while they may desire something not all women are the same (See Reddit threads on Penis related issues), I love platitudes like that. In the end I don't blame them, they deserve to have someone who can satisfy them, if I was in their position (logically impossible I know) I would do the same thing. It took me a while and a great deal of emotion but I finally accepted how undesirable I was to women. I realised not only am I not entitled to women or love, I am not even worthy of it. You can't have what you can't earn. I accepted it, but it did not make me feel any less depressed."

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Lots of smaller guys I have talked to about enlargement were afraid to try at first; out of fear of having their hopes crushed... again. 





I know that hopeless feeling firsthand. Not from a small penis, but from other issues I thought were unfixable and crippling. When I was younger, I never thought anyone would love me. I had terrible anxiety, was bullied and had close to 0 social sense. I fell into a very dark depression, where all I could think about was death and decay as I lied in bed and hid myself.

What did I do?

A lot of people in such a situation might have simply given up on life. You’ve been given a crap hand, why try?


I researched everything I could about the issues I had. Then I resolved to work on myself - I would do whatever it took to fix my problems. I hit the gym, learned boxing and Muay Thai, stopped watching porn, started meeting girls and socialising more, tried nootropics, saw a psychiatrist, read everything I could on psychology and related fields and a did lot more. I addressed my fears. All with the goal of self improvement, despite the oft-quoted lies that muscles and toughness didn’t matter, girls liked weak guys and depression was normal. 

I can imagine that’s what it’s like for the millions of men out there with small penises- society constantly trying to tell you it doesn’t matter, when you KNOW it does and have experienced the pain of it for yourself. The lie only adds insult to injury.

If it matters to you, then it does matter!

Over the course of a couple of years, things started to change for me. It wasn’t easy. There were many ups and downs, uncertainties and mistakes. But, over time, the cumulative effort paid off. I became more confident, had a lot of novel experiences, started having success with girls and became more popular. I saw firsthand the power of persistence and cumulative improvement. I had achieved what I once thought was almost impossible. For all the things I once was handicapped by, with perseverance and persistence, I am now objectively above average.I'd like to emphasise I’m nothing special, anyone can take action and break self-imposed ceilings for themselves.

With this article, I am trying to show how every single one of you guys can do the same, with your issue - a small penis.


Going from a small penis to average, even large can change your entire life. I’m saying this because I personally know guys who have done just that, seen the difference for themselves and told the story. These are included later on in this post.

Fear of failure, humiliation and being taken for a fool are very real. They’re pretty much always there: whether you’re starting a business, asking that cute girl out or applying for a good job. It never goes away, what changes is your courage and baseline position in your endeavour.

It’s up to you to see the evidence for yourself, put your best foot forward and go for it. No one can do it for you.

You have a chance to change your one life. 

Seize it.

You'll only regret you didn't start sooner.

That’s what this site is ultimately all about: empowerment - whether that is increased confidence, having a better sex life or improving your relationships. 


This article will break down: 

• How to keep things in perspective

• A link to our post on average penis size - so you see *how you compare to the population*

• Why a small penis is not a lifelong curse - Full proof penis enlargement works - Peer reviewed studies - Credible supporting doctors and even practitioners' before and after photos!

• How a few extra inches can go a very long way

• We show you success stories of guys just like you who have successfully gained size

• Where to go from here - Recommended training programs + products


Keeping Things in Perspective

As much as we highlight the benefits of having a big dick on here, a lot of guys are too fatalistic in their perception of their penis size. Half of guys have below average dicks. It’s obvious, but important to keep in mind.

Consider this: Most girls you’ll meet have probably slept with a smaller guy than you before! (Who likely wasn’t as preoccupied with it being “small” as you are) This is similar to how there are many short guys who are extremely good with women, or fighting for example. Perhaps they would be better at their endeavours if they were taller, but they made the most of the cards they were dealt, beating the vast majority of guys who naturally had more going for them but didn’t take action.

In the bedroom, you already have lots of ways to keep her coming back. Here are a couple of resources I would strongly recommend every guy looks into. I have used their advice a lot myself. These are pure gold:

Don Of Desire: Youtube Channel

This guy is a true *master* of sex and explains so much - from how to make a girl squirt or have multiple orgasms, different types of orgasms, how to last longer in bed and *how female sexuality works*. If you can give her multiple G spot orgasms with your fingers, quite a few will call back for more, even if you aren't well endowed (not the same itching lust as a big D, but still a good number!)

Good Looking Loser - How to Give Her Ridiculous Orgasms

He has great tips - all simple to implement - all actually work. He is also a big supporter of PE, with verified results, and in fact the guy who introduced me to it all.

It is also useful to remember you very well *know* your issue is, in some part, mental. You can push past that aspect with persistence and bravery. It isn’t easy, but your mind is almost always the main factor holding you back, so it’s worth doing whatever it takes to address your fears. 

Read our post below on penis size distribution to see how you compare to the general population. Knowledge is power - I’ll get back to the *implications* of the distribution later on in this blog.

Our Blog Post on Penis Size Distribution Statistics


A Small Penis is NOT a Lifelong curse - Penis Enlargement Works and We Can Prove it Beyond Doubt.

For myself, the strongest evidence is that I’ve literally seen it measurably happen to my penis. I've seen girls reactions change. I have lived it for myself. To me, that’s undeniable.

Many who have never tried it are naturally skeptical - as you should be - we’ve all seen the spam promising an impossible 2” in 4 weeks with a special pill or Chinese knock off device, leading many to label the entire industry as a scam, when this is not the case.

Advert for penis enlargement pornhub


The current stigma associated with a man wanting to enlarge his penis is such that few publicly advocate it, so an entire underground network of knowledge sharing and discussion has formed. Typically guys are introduced to this through hearing a whisper online or elsewhere, then discovering the rabbit hole for themselves, wondering ‘Why doesn’t every guy know about this!?’ and realising their potential is far greater than they had been led to believe.

Dismissing penis enlargement because some scams exist is just like dismissing muscle growth because some scam supplements exist. That doesn’t mean bodybuilding doesn’t build muscle! 

So, after addressing a few misconceptions, here is the evidence.

Note that while YES penis enlargement is possible, it takes hundreds of hours, adequate routines and a lot of effort to gain. 

You get out a function of what you put in - be that time, money, effort or learning. Such is life.


The Science Behind Penis Enlargement

Lots of heavy science here - if you already know it works feels free to skip this part - I had to make it comprehensive to refute the naysayers.

GetHung Blog Post on How Penis Enlargement Works

by Dr Richard Howard II PhD, MS+30, MPH

Penis enlargement hydropump diagramThe penis is a specialized vascular framework constructed to inflate to a rigid state called erection. The shaft consists of three chambers, the two corpora cavernous (CC) on the dorsal side and one corpus spongeosum (CS) which lies between CC on the ventral side. Within these chambers are prominent slit like spaces rich in blood cells, as they are really modified veins also called vascular plexus. The slit like vascular spaces are composed of abundant amount of smooth muscle with lesser amounts of fibrous tissue, lined by endothelium, this is called erectile tissue. Separating the CC and CS is a very thick band of connective tissue called the tunica albuginea composed mostly of bi-layered collagen and elastic fibers. The elastic fibers form an irregularly latticed network on which collagen fibers rest. It is this elastic network that gives the penis elasticity, allowing it to expand and contract.
Penis Anatomy for enlargement
The limiting factor in PE is the tunica albuginea and septum composed of collagen and elastic tissue. The collagen is very tough connective tissue constructed by nature to insure optimum structural integrity or strength. Think of a tendon or ligament, this is also composed of collagen. Your body’s entire structural framework is composed mostly of collagen, including bone.
To cause the penis to grow, you must overcome the structural bonds of the collagen. Through sufficient traction called critical traction when applied consistently along the length and diameter of the penis, the collagen will separate and undergo remodelling to a larger size.
The interior tissue is composed mainly of the vascular plexus consisting of epithelium lining, with abundant smooth muscles and some fibrous tissue. When sufficient traction is applied to the collagen, this results in a controlled bond breaking/separation and remodeling process making the collagen longer and larger.
Think of separating a brick wall and filling it in with additional bricks resulting in a larger brick wall. The interior vascular plexus goes along for the ride, but itself is transformed into greater mass. The endothelium lining of the vascular slits undergoes mitosis, the abundant smooth muscle framework adjacent to the endothelium undergoes hypertrophy and mitosis (there are studies that support the proposition that mitosis can occur in smooth muscle cells), and the arteries and veins follow the same growth course mentioned above, with the remaining fibrous tissue undergoing remodeling. The slow growing peripheral nerves will grow and elongate when stimulated.
Therefore the entire package gets bigger under sufficient constructive critical traction, with the collagenous structure being the limiting factor. If the collagen bond breaking is sufficient, with cementing, the process is likely permanent.
A brief look at “nubie gains”. A “nubie” is a person never implementing PE. Once implemented he will experience characteristic easy gains. Unchallenged or unstressed collagen has slack or crimps allowing a stretching out scenario removing these crimps resulting in quick gains for the beginner. Under this condition, the collagen bonds generally remain intact until the critical traction level is applied.
The penis' attachment points are composed of collagenous tissue called ligaments and skeletal muscular tissue. The main ligaments are called suspensory ligaments and fundiform ligaments. The primary base muscles are called the bulbocavernosus and ischiocavernosus muscles.
Penis enlargement Diagram
Ligaments are composed of densely packed collagen fibers which are white and relatively inelastic. Mechanical properties vary with shape and structural organization. This connective tissues is characterized by sparse cellularity distributed within an extracellular matrix. Cells in tendons and ligaments are called fibroblasts. These ligaments consist of 70-80% collagen and 20% fibroblasts. Upon initiating traction the crimps of the ligament collagen are pulled out or straightened first, then additional traction triggers molecular transformation via molecular bond breaking and remodeling, again resulting in longer, larger ligaments.
The skeletal muscles called bulbocavernosus and ischiocavernosus muscles are attachment points at the base of the penis, therefore traction will elicit the same changes in them as arm curls will elicit in your biceps and triceps. Whilst under traction, all muscular tissue at the base of the penis will undergo hypertrophy, strengthen and thus enlarge.
Penis enlargement hydropump diagram
1. Frank H. Netter, M.D., The Netter Collection of Medical Illustrations, Reproductive System, 1997; Volume 2, Page 9.
2. Gerald Brock, Geng-Long Hsu, Lora Nunes, Burkhard von Heyden, Tom F. Lue -“The Anatomy of the Tunica Albuginea in the Normal Penis and Peyronie’s Disease” – J Urol. 1997; Volume 157, Issue 1, 276-281
3. Robert F. Diegelmann, PhD, Collagen Metabolism, Medical College of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VirginiaPosted: 02/04/2002; Wounds. 2001;13(5) © 2001 Health Management Publications, Inc.
4. Tetsuya Nakatani Takashi Marui Toshiaki Hitora Minoru Doita Kotaro Nishida Masahiro Kurosaka. Mechanical stretching force promotes collagen synthesis by cultured cells from human ligamentum flavum via transforming growth factor‐β1. J Orthopaedic Res. November 2002; Volume 20, Issue 6, Pages: 1380–1386.
5. 5. 5 Hsu G-L , Brock GB , Martinez-Pineiro L , Nunes L , von Heyden B , Lue TF . The three-dimensional structure of the tunica albuginea: anatomical and ultrastructural levels. . Int. J. Impotence Res. . 1992;4:117 .
6. Balestrini JL, Billiar KL. Magnitude and duration of stretch modulate fibroblast remodeling. J Biomech Eng. 2009 May;131(5):051005.
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8. Driessen NJB et al, Biomechan Model Mechanobiol.7:93–103, .2008.
9. Humphrey JD et al, Math Models Methods Appl Sci 12:407–430, 2002


GetHung's Explanation:

The main reason penis enlargement works is because of Davis' Law. Here are some quotes from the Wikipedia article linked:

“Intermittent stretch causes collagenous tissues to hypertrophy until the resulting increase in strength reduces elongation in tension to some minimum level”. 
"Similar to the behaviour of bony tissues this adaptational response occurs only if the mechanical strain exceeds a certain threshold value. Harold Frost proposed that for dense collagenous connective tissues the related threshold values are around 23 Newton/mm2 or 4% strain elongation.”


Note that this hypertrophy is also lengthwise and using an ‘all day stretcher’ to keep the penis in the elongated state is vital to consolidate these gains, so your penis gets longer, not just stronger.

The 23 N/mm2 figure needs to be viewed in the context that the penis is not 100% collagen - it contains collagen FIBRES - which have the highest critical strain threshold and are thus the limiting factor in PE- so most penis enlargement surgeons, who prescribe extenders for after ligament cutting surgery - state a figure of 8-10lbs (as told to me by Dr Howard and the founders of LGHanger, who will be mentioned later). The real big big gainers (3"+) eventually had to get up to 40lbs to cross the 10” x 7” level as the collagen fibres thickened.

Further research has suggested that "hyperplasia" is possible too - new cells are created - rather than just the existing ones simply growing.

This is the same principle behind how medical bone lengthening, braces and expanding piercings work. 

To all the skeptics out there - every tissue in the body can enlarge under traction - why not the penis?

braces bone moving traction

Braces can literally make solid bone move with constant traction

long neck bone extending traction davis law

Burmese women use rings to lengthen their necks

lip stretching traction proof tribe

Expanding piercings are widespread.

(Note: newbie gains are EASY to make for almost anyone - even if you really can't be asked, why not get another 0.75" in length?)


Peer Reviewed Enlargement studies


“This paper is primarily concerned with traction as a Peyronie's treatment. It overviews several studies on traction devices. Those studies pretty consistently find that using a traction device increases penis length. A few studies found an increase in penis girth, but most either didn't measure girth or found no change.” (Credit: r/manualPE)


“This study directly looks at using traction devices to enlarge healthy penises. They find that after 6 months of traction their patients had a mean gain of 1.7 ± 0.8, 1.3 ± 0.4, and 1.2 ± 0.4 cm for the flaccid, stretched, and erected penile lengths, respectively.” (Credit: r/manualPE)

3. Sizegenetics Peer Reviewed Clinical Study:

"the penile extender provokes a linear and time-dependent gain in length of ≈0.5 cm per month, according to the manufacturer’s leaflet. By contrast, we documented a maximum elongating effect after the first month that progressively decreased in the subsequent intervals"
Note that the subjects gained more than half their gains (0.94 cm) in just the first month and after 5 more months the total gain from the 6 months was just under double that of the first month
Average total gain was 1.76cm.
Solid study and fits our theories of newbie gains and plateau very well. (We discuss how to smash plateaus in our blog later!)


4. Phallosan Forte Peer Reviewed Clinical Study:

"All patients experienced growth in both length and girth. The success of the patients depended very much on the daily wearing time. Patients who had worn PHALLOSAN up to 10 hours a day experienced the greatest increase."


Doctors That Recognise Penis Enlargement 

Dr Richard R. Howard II, Dr PH, MS, MPH

dr howard penis enlrgement

“MeCoach: Dr. Howard II is a 20+ year male enhancement expert who personally gained 3 inches in length and 2 inches in girth.”
He has very literally tried everything done it himself for DECADES and has great explanations of the mechanisms behind P.E. 
We have a great, referenced, article of his on our blog:


Dr Alexander A. Krakovsky MD, PhD, DrSc, FAAPS

Dr krakovsky penis enlargement doctor

Extremely qualified plastic surgeon who runs his own practice
Here is a list of (some) awards he has won, just to show the calibre of doctor he is
1. 100 Best Cosmetic Surgeons of the Millennium for 2005
2. 100 Best Cosmetic Surgeons in the World for 2008
3. Honorary Professor of Asian Pacific Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons
4. Honorary Professor of South East Asia College of Cosmetic Surgery
5. Honorary Member of French Society of Aesthetic Surgeons
6. America’s Most Compassionate Doctor for 2009


Raymond Roberts, M.D.

raymond roberts md

"[with this routine] gains of up to two or even three inches in length are possible... I heartily recommend this program for enlargement."


Dr. Michael Sohn

Dr Sohn penis enlargement

Chief Physician at a Frankfurt urological clinic (Google: Herr Prof. Dr. med. Michael Sohn)
In January 2005 a clinical study of the effectiveness of PHALLOSAN was carried out under the patronage of Professor Dr. Sohn, Chief Physician at a German urological clinic. The data was collected and evaluated by the clinic's senior consultant, Dr. Hanikel.
“All patients experienced growth in both length and girth.”
“All patients confirmed that PHALLOSAN could be worn without pain for many hours.”
 Published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, 2006, page 77 (So it is peer reviewed!)
From Google: “The Journal of Sexual Medicine (JSM) is a peer-reviewed medical journalpublished on behalf of the International Society for Sexual Medicine”
Pretty airtight study.


Dr. Stephen Giunta, M.D

dr giunta penis enlargement

Source - with endorsement of penis enlargement
"Certified Plastic Surgeon - Virginia, United States
Medical Institution: Aesthetic Plastic Surgery International
Position: Chief of Aesthetic Surgery
Overview: Dr. Giunta is one of the foremost aesthetic surgeons in the United States and focuses on the fields of girth, length, and male sexual enhancement. With over 33 years of surgical experience on both men and women, Dr. Giunta is familiar with the importance of sexual health. Dr. Giunta is also certified by three medical boards and featured in numerous peer reviewed publications.”


Dr. Ruslan Petrovich, M.D.

ruslan petrovic penis enlargement doctor study

Source - with endorsement of penis enlargement
"Certified Urologist - Moscow, Russia
Medical Institution: National Medical Surgical Center of Russia
Position: Chief of Department of Urology Website:
Overview: Dr. Petrovich is one of the leading urologists in Europe with over 20 years of surgical, and clinical experience. As a certified urologist for the National Medical Surgical Center of Russia, Dr. Petrovich is involved in the technological development of urological medicine. Dr. Petrovich is a strong supporter of the penis stretcher as an alternative to penis enlargement surgery.”


Before and After Photos

I would like to thank all those who have posted their progress photos across the internet for others to see. Most guys are naturally very reluctant to publish their own photos, so finding good, clear progress photos was quite the challenge!

These are not photoshopped and have been scrutinised by thousands of eagle eyed forum members across the internet

Sizegenetics Extender Users

(Sizegenetics Website)

The Sizegenetics is a very popular, high quality penis extender that uses constant traction to elongate the penis. We explain more about these devices elsewhere on the blog.


Before - After

penis enlargement sizegenetics extender results


penis enlargement sizegenetics extender results

Joe went from far below average to average, gained some girth and enjoyed his gains.




penis enlargement sizegenetics extender results


penis enlargement sizegenetics extender results

Testimonial (Low photo quality)

penis enlargement sizegenetics extender results

Another smaller starter who gained decent length and some girth too




penis enlargement sizegenetics extender results


penis enlargement sizegenetics extender results 2


penis enlargement sizegenetics extender results testimonial

Seems like he gained around 1" length and some girth too.





Girth Before

penis enlargement sizegenetics extender results girth

Girth After

penis enlargement sizegenetics extender results girth


penis enlargement sizegenetics extender results

Richard is now very well hung indeed


M9ter (GetHung Hall of Famer) and admin of r/ajelqforyou

(Note - he only started taking progress photos recently, so he doesn't have any of his starting size  - a few decades back!) His success story is further on in this article.


Current Size (9") and Max Girth 7" (after a girth workout) - Started at 5"!

Thunderspace: Stan - Big Gainer

thunderspace stan penis enlargement



LGHanger User Before and After (With additional ligament cut surgery by Dr Krakovsky)


before penis enlargement

after penis enlargement

Good Looking Loser

His Own Gains

More of his gains

DoubleLongDaddy (GetHung Hall of Famer)

Started Small, Now 10.5"

Verified By Salon and GQ Magazine - although some of his older photos are disputed, his size is now verified

Reddit Source Image


Reddit: u/Looking2Grow

Before | After 


Some More Links I've Compiled (Skip this Part)

LGHanger Testimonials | Reddit Compilation 1 | 2 | 3 | Reddit Example 1 | 2 | Dan Salas LGHanger Review + Hanging a Bowling Ball with it
(Note thunderspace requires [free] membership) | Bennett8 - From Small to Above Average!  | Thunderspace compilation 1 | compilation 2 | compilation 3

The Benefits of The Extra Inches

+Imagine you’re a nerd then pull out the biggest dong she’s ever seen!!

1. Compared against the competition [Full Post]

"In this post, I will be taking you through the most accurate statistics I could find on penis size distribution and explaining exactly what they mean in the context of getting bigger. Especially compared to other guys, which is what we all want to know. Girls and Ladies are very picky. We must play, and win the game. Let's do this."

Figure 1 - Cumulative Percentiles for Penis Size (Eg 50% means 50% are that size or below, 75% means you are equal to or larger than 75% of guys)

 penis size length girth


Key Points

1. Most penis sizes are very close to each other - I like to relate this data spread to height in feet- there are lots of 5'0 - 6'6 people around (63.5% of penises are 5"-6.5")- whereas both below 4'0" and above 7'6" are very rare (1.7% and 1.63% of penises are below 4" and above 7.5" respectively)

2. This means that even a 1" penis length gain can make a massive difference against the competition! For example taking you from 4.75" (bottom 11.3% of guys) to 5.75" (average)

3. A 2" length gain, which is harder but can be done with good training, can take you from a near miropenis (3") - in the bottom 0.04% of guys - to a solid 5", which is close to average. Or you can go from small to above average.

4. A 3" length gain, which is possible for those who consistently train for 2+ years, can take a guy from 4" (bottom 1.7%) to 7" - bigger than 93.4% of all men! Or even a micropenis to average

(Currently 4" is considered a "ceiling" for PE, as most practitioners are satisfied with their gains, although methods are constantly improving and there is no reason why larger gains can't be made, if required) This can allow ANYONE from however small, to truly GET HUNG

5. This is a similar story for girth - every extra inch massively helps you against the competition


Starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel? xD



2. Access to Deeper Erogenous zones + Stronger Female Orgasms

More accounts and explanations are in the "success stories" section below and the rest of our blog. NOTE us guys instinctually know SIZE HELPS A LOT!

Source - Below text is slightly edited from

Vaginal Satisfaction,
Stimulation From Penis Length
It is not difficult to understand why larger penises cause more vaginal satisfaction than smaller penises. Everyone agrees that a vagina doesn't have many touch sensitive nerves past the first third (see Alfred Kinsey's research). But these vaginal walls are responsive to deep tissue pressure. Both longer and thicker penises create more pressure in these walls.

Why women prefer longer penises
  • deep stimulation of back of vagina
  • stimulation of uterus
  • more friction along vaginal walls
  • allows more sex positions
  • penis won't slip out during heavy thrusting
Most women agree that they prefer thicker over longer penises because often they feel discomfort or even pain when being penetrated by a long penis. Usually the penis isn't actually too long however. It is rather the fact that the vagina was not ready to receive a lengthy penis. A vagina needs to go through a few different stages before being ready for full penetration.
When a vagina is in relaxed state (no arousal) the cervix rests at about three to four inches away from the vagina opening. The vagina walls are collapsed against each other, leaving hardly any space in between. During arousal the vagina walls start to secrete a lubricant causing wetness and then the first few inches of the vagina expand a little, creating some space. Many guys take this as a sign that the woman is ready to be fully penetrated. Doing this with an average to long penis will hit the cervix frontally, causing discomfort or pain.
relaxed vagina
Men often don't give the vagina the time to become "tented", meaning that the cervix retracts in the body and the inner two third of the vagina walls open apart. Only at this point is a woman ready to receive heavy thrusting, especially when the penis is long.
Tented vagina: Woman's reproductive organs in aroused state. Notice how the uterus has pulled upwards and frontwards (anterior), allowing the vagina to expand dramatically. This vagina is ready to receive a large penis.
tented vagina

If the guy also knows how to adjust his angle to make sure his penis doesn't bump the cervix directly, he can give the woman tremendous repetitive uterine orgasms. (Check out some BBC porn) These are caused by the rhythmic stimulation of the penis glans against a region high in the back of the vagina, called the epicenter or E-zone. It is just above the cervix on the front wall of the vagina.
large penis in vagina
Below: Penetration by a small penis (length 3-5 inch). When the erection is very hard, the penis will still give a lot of pressure and friction to one side of the vagina. It won't be able to directly stimulate the uterus and the back of the vagina however.
small penis sex
Women report that even if they don't achieve a uterine orgasm they still enjoy the sensations caused by the rhythmic movement of the inner vagina and the uterus. For most women any penis longer than six inches can reach deep enough to create at least such sensations. However, it is also clear that the shorter the penis, the less stimulation the inner vagina and uterus will receive. Longer penises also cause more vaginal satisfaction in the first two inches of the vagina. This part is jam-packed with touch-sensitive nerves and a long penis causes more and longer friction during each stroke in and out. Penetration by a large penis causes heavy stimulation of the end of the vagina and of the vagina entrance.
long penis fornices
Other Ways Long Penises Affect Vaginal Satisfaction
Long penises don't slip out as much as shorter ones during intercourse. A man with a lengthy penis can penetrate a woman in any position he wants. Some positions are simply impossible for shorter endowed men, especially when the guy wants to do some heavy thrusting. Doggy style is the worst because not only will a shorter guy slip out, he also loses a couple of inches in length due to the girl's butt cheeks! If the girl's shoulders are positioned lower than her hips, then the depth of the vagina increases since her uterus actually pulls the vagina due to the gravity. In this position even an average six-seven inch long penis won't reach the back of the vagina unless the guy uses a hooked ninety-degree attack angle.
(It is worth noting that sometimes a penis is so long that it actually causes less stimulation for one simple reason: As soon as the woman can't take the whole length, she loses out on the sensations that are normally caused by the contact between both bodies during each thrust. More in particular it is the man's pubic bone and his slapping testicles that by repetitively thumping to her clitoris and exterior genitals create extra pleasure and will help her to achieve an orgasm.)
Vaginal Satisfaction From A Thick Penis,
Stimulation From Penis Girth

Why women prefer a thick penis:
  • more friction and deep stimulation of sides of vagina
  • dilation of vagina (feeling of being "open/full") - this creates an itching lust feeling I can't quite put into words (GetHung)
  • greater stimulation of g-spot and fornices
A thick penis causes more vaginal satisfaction because the extra girth increases the friction and pressure on the vaginal walls. The first few inches of these walls are packed with touch sensitive nerves. A thick penis enhances her pleasure also because it dilates the vagina and it gives more pressure and friction to the g-spot zone and the AFE Zone (fornices and cut de sac). Women usually like the feeling of being "open", the feeling of being filled by a thick penis. Women seem to like especially the "being pulled inside out" feeling they experience from a thick penis on the outwards stroke. The thicker the penis, the more the vagina walls cling to it and the more she will have such sensations.
A thick penis gives also more sensation to the clitoris
Many people believe that clitoral orgasms won't benefit from extra penis size. However, the clitoris is larger than just the visible part on the outside.
The 'body' of the clitoris, which connects to the glans, is about as long as the first joint of your thumb. It has two legs up to 4 inches long that flare downwards and backwards into the body. Also extending from the body of the clitoris are two bulbs, one on each side of the vaginal cavity, consisting of erectile tissue. It is obvious that a thick penis will create more stimulation on these legs and bulbs.
clitoris illustrated
clitoris 3D
A thicker penis can also contribute to a clitoral orgasm  for another reason: during penetration the tightness causes more pulling on the inner lips (labia minora). Since these connect to the clitoral hood, their movements often make the hood slide up and down over the clitoris.
A few men told me that their wives often can't cum during penetration because "her vagina is too wet", she says. In fact she is only trying to make up an excuse so her guy doesn't have to feel bad about his penis. That loss of sensation is not caused by the abundance of lubrication but by the lack of penis girth. If your penis is not thick enough to cause sufficient pressure on the vagina walls, she will lose some sensation. If she argues about this then ask her if she ever told a man with a very thick penis that her vagina is too wet. Rest assured that she can never be wet enough to handle a very big penis.

In short
During intercourse, most women will not experience the same sensations from a small penis as from an average penis. Moreover, the sensations caused by an average penis will usually not match those from a large one. So if you belong to those men who have a small penis and you want to satisfy your girl then you have to use other methods than purely penetration because that usually won't satisfy her enough.
On a good day when she is very excited, she might get a g-spot or vaginal orgasm from penetration alone, but in general she will always need simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris to make her orgasm.


I could write all day about more of the benefits of penis size, although for the sake of this article, the point is made and is hardly debated

Size Benefits in Brief:

Every extra bit of size you get helps you reap the benefits of a larger penis

1. Girls love and crave the "full" feeling

2. Size advantage lets you hit more spots

3. Great for dirty talk - you have something few other guys have and its powerful - helps the dominant / submissive talk

4. Less sexual/performance anxiety - you don't have to worry s much

5. Girls talk... - you can get a good reputation, which pays off in many settings

6. Bulge - girls stare a lot more xD

7. Dick pics (don't be stupid - make sure to flirt and build up first) can work at larger sizes

[Other benefits include making partners "love" you more - yes - strong orgasms lead to greater releases of various hormones and neurotransmitters linked to affection  and attraction. I had far, far more callbacks after one night stands at 6.5" compared to 5.5" and positive responses (despite apparently being pretty good at oral - doesn't give them the deep itching desire a big D does). You will notice it for yourself.]

Most Importantly...

I haven't heard of one single PE practitioner, out of many hundreds I have came across, who didn't notice significant improvements in both sex and life in general from his gains!

Think of it this way: would women still be so attracted to Brad Pitt if he had a 1" micropenis?

Just goes to show how valuable penis size can be!

We might not be Brad Pitt, but we can certainly become very well endowed!


Success Stories

Read these to see guys, just like you, who have had great success with penis enlargement. 

1. M9ter - rejected for small dick to PE legend (with some stories I can't repeat on here!)

 "Like most guys I had always wanted to be bigger, but honestly thought it mattered more to me than women. Basically I believed the often repeated lie that size didn't matter.

The reality, however, changed my life forever.

When I finally had the courage to be with a girl that I really liked and trusted, she laughed and commented once we were naked and then made an excuse to leave. I never heard from her again. I was broken inside…. devastated."
"Starting with the techniques available at the time, (jelqing and manual stretching) I had the initial fast gains that so many men report. I was overjoyed..! That first realization that PE really worked was *one of the most incredible experiences of my life*.
For a while it was as though I had won the lottery, but those techniques eventually stopped producing gains (I was about 6.5" x 5" then if I recall) no matter how many jelqing reps or stretches I did. I had hit a plateau and spent almost a year desperately searching for a solution.
It was around that time that I discovered through my research into Priapism what is now called modified jelqing. Between that revelation and the introduction of a new, solid pewter all day stretching device (ADS) a modified Circle Device by Dfrance Company (company is now closed) that I wore sometimes up to 16 hours a day.....I was able to get to that magic 8x6!
Dating before had been a game of anxiety, but with the added confidence I had with my new size really worked. Before I knew it, I had dated several women before meeting my first girlfriend who couldn't stop talking about it.
Fast forward a few girlfriends later and plenty of stories later, and I was married with children of my own."


2. One Guys Description of the massive benefits of his 2 Inch Gain

8 inch dick experiences: (Actual size 8.25" BPEL, 5.75" girth)

"The size I have now after 4 years of PE (penis enhancement) exercises. [STARTING SIZE 6"] Sex is totally different now and I've had a lot of partners in this time frame. Once you reach this size your dick essentially starts to take on a personality of its own and the sexual experience revolves around it. Despite what a lot of people want to believe big dicks are a huge turn on for most girls even if they can't take one all the way. I rarely even eat girls out anymore because I can get most to orgasm just through fucking them thanks to above average girth and stroke. 

At this level the infamous dick pics start to become effective. Yes, dick picks work but only if you have a BIG DICK. I never even tell girls what my size is, I just make them guess. Most say 9 or 10 inches, even though in reality I'm nowhere close to that. It just shows how much most guys inflate their dick measurements by an inch or two. Needless to say repeat business has become much easier. I only need to fuck them for a decent amount of time and I know they'll text me back later. 

TLDR: Having a big dick is awesome when it comes to getting and keeping girls. It really boggles my mind more guys don't invest time into PE."


3. Bib - 4 Inch Mega Gainer

"I thought PE was a crock. I didn’t believe anything on Tom’s site. But it is well written and seemed honest. I had most of what was needed to get started so I just tried it. I was kind of like Soma and other guys. I saw some good early gains and things took off from there. I kind of got carried away and ended up doing PE a lot more than I thought I would. But I like it.

When every time (almost) that I measured, I saw an increase, I was astounded. I still can’t believe it. When I pass a mirror naked and catch a glimpse, I still do a double take. Also, I catch my wife looking all the time, naked or clothed. She looks at my crotch more than my face. I also catch other women looking all the time (clothed of course).

This weekend I took a 30-hour continuing education class. There were about 20 women and 15 men. I sat at the 2nd table from the back on one side, kind of in a corner. The first day I wore boxers with shorts. Thereafter I wore boxers and sweat pants. Almost all the women in the class stared at my crotch. I told all who asked that I am married. By the 2nd day, I had the 7 best-looking women in the class sitting around me. They ranged from 24 to 33 in age. I’m 43 and not bad looking, but nothing like that has ever happened to me before. I have never been that popular.

About my wife; I told her very early, about 3-4 months after I started. The difference in sex was already very noticeable to me, and I new she would ask about it soon. She was already having much more powerful orgasms. I explained the whole thing on a trip. She said she had noticed a difference. When we returned home, I showed her Tom’s site and showed her what I did while she was at work and the kids in school. She thought it was a little weird but supported me. She thought it was analogous to women wanting larger breasts.

When I got to nine inches, she started talking about how it was long enough and didn’t want any more length. I can’t go in all the way; it hurts her when I hit bottom. But she liked the girth and wanted me to continue trying to get some more (if I wanted). She likes trying new positions that we can do now. We still are doing different things. It is still a new toy. I almost never ask for sex. She always starts the proceedings.

At first, she was fairly amazed at the increase. My penis has been the #1 topic of conversation for a long time and I don’t always bring it up. She still talks about it, but seems more interested in using it. She knows I am probably in the 99th percentile for length, but it doesn’t matter to her. It’s not like; “wow my man has a big pecker!” She would still love me and stay with me if I had my “old” penis. But the sex is a lot better and she will admit that.

PrePE my unit was fairly nondescript. When erect, it was not impressive; fairly pale, little venation, smallish head, at best ordinary. Now, it always has much more color (erect or flaccid), prominent veins, and larger head/glans. Wife described as “a little scary” recently; no offense intended or taken."

4. GoodLookingLoser explanations of benefit of penis enlargement (From 5.25" to 7.3" and THICK)

FULL CREDIT TO GOODLOOKINGLOSER - Absolute legend and worth checking out his content. He has inspired a ton of guys you see online now in the self-improvement field doing a superb job.

"Don't try to base your opinion on what women "claim".
Don't base it on lesser endowed guys.
If it matters to YOU- then it matters.

If it doesn't- then it doesn't matter as much.
If you've found this page, then it probably matters.
Cool, do something about it :)
"I think skeptical guys (who aren't yet big) underestimate what a positive effect it can have on their sex/overall life. When I decided to improve my size, I didn't predict or picture myself getting blowjobs in hot tubs while 5 or 10 people watched silently, how some of my hockey teammates politely asked me if they could sit quietly in my closet to so they could watch me have sex with a hot girl later that night, or how girls and guys in my social circles would talk about my size to each other. It's was so reassuring when I'd (get the impression) that my fuck-buddies would often ditch their other, previous fuck-buddies after we banged a handful of times. I'm not even THAT fuckin big! Needless to say, I walk around "like I have a huge dick," and it was worth the effort. I put the time in.. When I decided to improve my size, I didn't predict or picture myself getting blowjobs in hot tubs while 5 or 10 people watched silently, how some of my hockey teammates politely asked me if they could sit quietly in my closet to so they could watch me have sex with a hot girl later that night, or how girls and guys in my social circles would talk about my size to each other. It's was so reassuring when I'd (get the impression) that my fuck-buddies would often ditch their other, previous fuck-buddies after we banged a handful of times. I'm not even THAT fuckin big! Needless to say, I walk around "like I have a huge dick," and it was worth the effort. I put the time in."


5. GetHung's story is still in the making, but doing well so far! (Have experienced numerous benefits, similar to those above. Will make a full post once I reach my longer term goals)


Where to go from here - Recommended training programs + products

You've made it this far. That says a lot.

I personally started bang on average, but I would like to say

*Massive respect to everyone on here who starts small*

By taking action, you are bucking the trend and following the hard trail. There are so many depressive, self defeatists online who will try and make you accept your lot, never try to improve and spend you life having never reaped the benefits and joys of being hung. Every man should be able to shape himself into the person he wants to be. It isn't easy, but as said before, you'll be very happy once you start seeing the results.

Decades from now, reflecting upon your experiences, I hope many of you will proudly look back at this time where, reading this long winded blog post, you started upon this path to be able to experience the many joys and adventures of being well hung. Such is life.

penis size matters

Whether you are broke or a billionaire, every guy wants to have a great dick. Shame this guy didn't know about PE!


As said before, if you're starting smaller: *You have more to gain from penis enlargement than anyone* and the sky is the limit.

Go for it: do whatever it takes. Every gain counts and we sure aren't getting any younger!

Recommended training programs + products

You may have read all the above, but to get the results, you must take action.

There are a boatload of different starter routines out there - very confusing for anyone just starting out. Thats why here at GetHung we have made a few beginner routines suitable for any goal.

If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to email us at or message our instagram @get_hung. We are always happy to help.


  1. Start with the JP 90 Day Program - this is a very popular routine you can do with just your and conditions your penis to not get injured in future exercise 

  2. Buy high quality, effective devices and follow the instructions. Use these after a minimum of 2 weeks doing JP90 (Typical delivery time anyway)

My recommendations: (I have used all of these devices)

1. Bathmate will speed up all your gains - this is a great girth builder - permanent gains TAKE TIME, so don’t be put off by people who have used it for 3 weeks and said they haven’t seen permanent gains! It’s a long, but worthwhile, process. Do this in conjunction with JP90 to see even faster gains. You can even use it before sex for a great temporary size boost!

Bathmate pumps

2. A Decent Extender is a Must-Have

SizeDoctor - this is the device I use myself. We are so sure it works we offer a 12 MONTH full money back guarantee if you don't see any gains through consistent use. It can be worn comfortably under clothing for multiple hours. View the product description for more detail. 1000 Hours of use is typically the time when people get their first inch of length - you accumulate the hours by leaving it on and going about your day. Thats why comfort is crucial.

Sizegenetics - more expensive, better known, but less comfortable and lower quality than the SizeDoctor


These smash plateaus and are great for long term gains. They look scary, but are safe when used properly. You can start off very light and build up.

Value: Malehanger (Be very careful to follow the instructions and never wear for more than 10 minutes at a time to preserve blood flow)

male hanger device

Top Notch: LGHanger - (Use code "GETHUNG for $10 off all orders) - the safest and most effective penis enlargement device on the market. Expensive? Yes, but the time you save far outweighs the initial cost. Almost all of the big gainers I know use this device.

GetHung LGHanger

Checkout our Full LGHanger Review Here

Follow the instructions, be consistent, maintain force, listen to your body and you WILL gain. The more time, effort and (well spent) money you put in, the more you get out.

I wish you all the very best in your PE journey. It's a long road.

Decades from now, reflecting upon your experiences, I hope many of you will proudly look back at this time where, reading this long winded blog post, you started upon this path to be able to experience the many joys and adventures of being well hung. 

“We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.”

- Randy Pausch


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