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In general length is probably the more talked about dimension, but on penis related subs I always see " girth matters way more than length". While I agree that in general girth is more desirable and impactful during sex, I also think length has its positives and I don't think there is a huge gap, here's why.

Pre PE I was around 7.5-7.75" x 4.9, so in length I was very big and girth I was average. My dick looked long and slender IMO and I even had 2 women (out of 60) say that I was thin (when asked). I was always insecure about my girth because of reading countless online forums about how girth is where it's at, how women don't like long skinny dicks etc. Despite all of this i was still getting laid regularly and for a 22YO guy I would say I have amassed A LOT of experience and understanding of what women like/love during sex. From my experience my length has been more than a nice ego boost, it's been a genuine help during sex and in some ways I think it has given me a physical advantage ( unfortunate truth ).

This may come as a surprise to some but I've been able to go balls deep with the overwhelming majority of women 55 out of 60 or something along those lines, many of these women I've been going balls deep pressing hard while having their legs over my shoulders and other intense positions. Perhaps it's due to my upward curve but I've genuinely never had issues ramming the cervix, it's been all about stimulating the fornix which becomes easier when a woman is highly aroused ( tenting ). Anyway during sex extra length can increase pressure on the vaginal walls, going deep stretches the vagina in a different way to girth, still it can absolutely create that beloved "full feeling" women describe and I've heard many of my partners mention this feeling. Not to mention the amount of women that squirt from deep penetration, which is often a shock for them, many of which didn't think it was possible to squirt, or thought that it could only be achieved while intoxicated. I've had countless women say that I'm the best they've ever had, how I stretch them, how those deep spots I hit are oh so good. Genuinely taught some of these women things about their body they never thought possible or were simply unaware of. Another interesting note, a few of these women were size queens, after sex I would talk with these women and I remember one girl who was drunk started rambling, she straight up told me (without me asking) that she's slept with 20 guys give or take, she said that she was scared that no one would ever be as good as her ex - who was around 7.5x6 from what she described, she said that he had incredible stamina, that he was talented in bed and very confident. She then told me how lots of guys were a let down after him (remember she's a size queen) then she blurts out "but you are even fucking better and I'm so thankful" this guy was girthy and yet with my 7.75"x5" I was able to compete due to my length and the deep spots I could stimulate. I also had another size queen (who's had a fuck ton of partners) mention how I was the first guy to make her squirt while sober and how I was on par with her best ever lover who was also her ex and was something like 7x6 from her estimations. These are just a few examples from my experience.

TL;DR I believe in general girth is superior as it's easier to stimulate and stretch women with big girth as long as they're turned on they'll probably like it. But when it comes to skilled lovers a long guy can compete, I think it's pretty rare for a woman to find a long 7.5"+ who is also highly skilled and good at stimulating the fornices consistently. I think it's much easier to find a good lover who is also girthy, statistically a 5.5" girth guy is more common than a 7.5+" length guy. [View penis size distributions HERE]

GetHung Note: Check out some of the jealous comments on the reddit post - to me it is a sign that the others know what the poster is saying is true.

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