• Hi Amanda. The clit is the first type mentioned on the page, so I presume it didn’t load for you? From my experiences, both good and bad, clitoral orgasms are nowhere near as powerful as deep spot ones – almost anyone can give a clit orgasm – it doesn’t create much of a lasting deep feeling – but the ability to reach the deep spots differentiates you from the next guy. People instinctually understand this and we have more blog posts on it too.


  • You are forgetting one unless the page didn’t load properly.
    The clit!!!
    Clitoral orgasms are the easiest and most common orgasms a woman can have.
    You can use fingers and or tongue to stimulate it.
    In my honest opinion clitoral orgasms are more intense because it so focused.

    Sites like these are bullshit and not at all what real women want.


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