6.5” Length - A Great First Goal

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I’ve just hit 6.5” BPEL [Bone Pressed Erect Length] [as of 25/7/2019] having started at 5.5” and have noticed a significant improvement in various areas of life - more than I had expected. This made me realise that every guy should know that every extra inch counts - you don't only notice a change once you reach 8"+

As a side note, my girth went from 4.8 - 5.1. I’m an easy gainer there so length is my first priority. Most veterans agree gaining girth first then makes length gains harder - as you are pulling on more, thicker collagen fibres, whereas gaining length first doesn't affect girth gain difficulty - in fact even as you gain length girth increases slightly.

Based on the distribution of penis size, which funnily enough closely mirrors (for both genders) the distribution of height (check out the ‘how do I stack up?’ post), I have a pet theory that even a 1” gain has a massive difference, precisely because of the small population variance in penis size.

Going from 5.5" to 6.5" takes you from the bottom 38% to the top 19% of penis sizes - this makes a huge difference, especially in the very competitive age we live in


“An experiment with Tinder found that 'the bottom 80% of men (in terms of attractiveness) are competing for the bottom 22% of women and the top 78% of women are competing for the top 20% of men.'”

Pareto Principle Dating Penis Size

(Credit: Rational Male - if you want to learn more google "Pareto Principle"

Yes, having a smaller penis doesn't doom you to permanent virginity, however, maximising your attractive attributes will take you from scraping the bottom of the barrel to having a lot more choice and power!

It’s like going from 5’5” to 6’5”! 

I know tons of 5’5” guys out there crushing it at life, don’t get me wrong, but they know they would have it much easier at 6’5” (near the top of the height distribution) - be that with girls, in a job or even peer respect. 

I have read similar descriptions on Good Looking Loser’s site, noting that once he reached that size in college, he garnered a reputation as ‘big’, even though few here would call 6.5” big. This has been a common thread amongst a few accounts I have read.

I myself notice:

1. More call backs from hookups - going out all night for some random hookup is far less rewarding if they ghost you than if they keep coming back for more

2. Sex just feels more right -> went from the oral ‘master’ (Yeah, doesn’t keep them coming back) to having girls praising the D. Funnily enough, from my experience, the girls that like sex the most, like the D the most. If they want clitoral orgasms, they can get a vibrator, if they want the deep satisfied feeling, they call back. (Foreplay is obviously important, but it is that - foreplay- like a warm up!)

3. Can, (with some v aggressive thrusting), just about reach some spots to create legitimate vocal moaning/ orgasms - the power when they can’t control their moaning is a great feeling - never happened at 5.5”!

This is obviously a pet theory, with some anecdotes (which seem to be hyperbole but are so true) but nonetheless, I would definitely recommend it as a good milestone. Too many people set extremely high goals (eg 8”x6”) and end up giving up as they seem so distant.

An intermediate goal around 6.5” is a great way to both prevent that and see the difference for yourself.

It had a SIGNIFICANT effect on my dating/ sex life and I am of the opinion, having studied a ton of evolutionary biology (eg Sperm Wars, Evolution of Desire), almost all of our biological impulses are rooted by our selfish genes wanting to spread - those that were less selfish died out - so sex, including our feelings etc. PE really is a great thing as we are giving ourselves a big advantage in this competition. I understand how some guys get almost addicted to it. 

Everything in life is about sex and power so penis enlargement is useful 

(From what I can see, just over 8”, maybe 8.25” is the next step up - creaming, deep orgasms - way more fulfilment - girls just loving it - and so on - wander what evolution is behind that behaviour...). This is based on M9ter, Bib, u/sdbilli68, DLD and a handful of other accounts, as well as my understanding of female anatomy, such as the fornices, Pouch of Douglas and so forth

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