MaleHanger Comprehensive Review

A Great Budget Hanger for Serious Length Gains

Malehanger penis weight hanger for enlargement
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In this review I will be covering

1. What the Malehanger is
2. The exact ordering process
3. What came in the box (+ some of my own additions)
4. Full instructions and how to guide + SAFETY PRECAUTIONS
5. My own results and experience
6. How would I recommend this for? Who would I NOT recommend this for?  
7. Pros and Cons
8. EXCLUSIVE GetHung Malehanger Discount Link
    Without further ado, let's get started!

    1. What the MALEHANGER is

    The Malehanger is a compression hanger, based on the Bib Hanger [Hardcore version], which was one of the first penis enlargement devices on the market, then improved upon by a design engineer with further refinements included over time to create the Malehanger - a safer, more effective and better value device.
    It is made of high strength, injection molded parts bolted together with brass and steel (comes with a quality guarantee - according to the owner, not a single quality issue has occurred, which is testament to the quality of the product and the rigorous checking that takes place)
    Original Bib Hanger Hardcore Version
    BibHanger hardcore hanger penis enlargement
    Malehanger Improved Design Models
    Malehanger Design
    The Malehanger Device
    Malehanger Photo
    Malehanger Device
    What is a compression hanger?
    In order to stretch the penis, you need an attachment point on the penis to exert a pulling force away from the pubic bone (Which "anchors" the penis and penile ligaments to the body).
    Below are images from the instruction manual showing how to device compresses a portion of the penis to prevent the device sliding off and allow weight to be hung
    1. Putting the hanger on
    Malehanger how to
    2. After screwing the wing nut closed and creating the compression
    Malehanger how to 2
    This may seem daunting, but, following the instructions (long but very well explained), listening to your body, starting slowly and not compressing for too long you can minimise the risks (no known injuries have occurred with proper use of this device, despite being used by thousands - this was NOT the case with the old BiBHanger - which was also often misused as PE was such a novel field)
    Compression hangers are different to vacuum hangers, such as the LGHanger, which tend to be more comfortable and foolproof, but cost a lot more. These use a vacuum on the glans and sleeve on the shaft to allow weights to be hung - as the vacuum stops the glans slipping out the chamber, as well as the frictional force from the attached sleeve squeezing gently on the shaft.

    2. The Exact Ordering Process

    Use this link to go to the MaleHanger Website - for every person that uses our link, we get a small commission - which goes towards funding this site and making content such as this. The price remains the same for you and we offer support to all customers.

    Hint: You can also get $5 off with the promo code "imnew" at checkout

    Here is what you'll see when you click the link
    Buy Malehanger Penis Enlargement Device
    Note: Email the owner Ben ( if you are an active duty service member or veteran for $10 off your order
    1. Click "Buy Now" in the box, then scroll down and click "Shop Now"
    buy malehanger page online
    Product Page:
    Buy Malehanger device product page
    Click "Add to Cart" then "Checkout in the top right corner of the screen
    malehanger checkout
    Checkout: (Note - add the code "imnew" for $5 off)
    malehanger checkout
    Payment Information:
    malehanger payment information


    Malehanger will then send you an email with confirmation of your order - you will be able to contact them if you have any questions whatsoever

    More About Shipping - Eg Expected Delivery Times

     malehanger penis weight hanger review shipping
    I had read that not one device has been damaged in transit and upon receiving the product in good time (in the UK, I believe it was 2 weeks) I quickly saw why...

    3. What Came in the Box + My Additions

    Discreet Packaging - Personal Details blacked out - There is no indication whatsoever that a male enhancement product is inside - even if it were to open somehow, the second layer of packaging is also anonymous!
    NOTE: Malehanger now comes with additional wrap, which is essential to use with the device - we'd recommend buying a large supply as I personally find it can run out pretty quickly!
    Malehanger Packaging
    Malehanger Packaging
    Malehanger Packaging Safe Discreet
    Malehanger discreet packaging with bubble wrap
    And Inside That (Comes Pre Assembled)
    MaleHanger Device
    Also Comes With Instructions - with links to the relevant webpages
     (Discord Live Chat Link Redacted by GH)
    Malehanger instructions

    My Additions

    You have probably noticed that the MaleHanger doesn't come with weights, an arbor (thing to hold the weights) or wrap.

    NOTE: We stock very cheap, medical grade glans wrap here:

    How to Wrap: From the instruction manual

    Wrapping For Use of Malehanger:

    (Note: this has changed now that the product comes with wrap included)

    What type of wrap will you use? You will use a two-layered wrap. The first layer is of a piece of sweatshirt material cut from an old sweatshirt. Our friends in the UK may call this a "jumper". If you do not have one, buy one.

    They can be had at a store such as Wal-Mart for a few dollars. The "blend" of the material does not matter. The type I use is polyester. If you have a cotton allergy, you will use a 100% polyester material, otherwise, use what you like. The sweatshirt material is suggested because it is for the most part universally the same thickness no matter where you get the sweatshirt.

    The second layer of wrap will be of a material I generically call "Ace wrap". This is simply put, a self adhesive latex based material. A "sport wrap". Buy the self adhesive type! This can be found under different brands depending on where you find it.

     It is usually located in the "sporting goods" or "pharmacy" area in most stores. You can also buy it online. I suggest either the 3M branded "Ace" wrap, or the brand "Self-Grip" which is also sold under "Topcare" in some stores like Target or Bi-Lo. Again, this product can be ordered online and is just a few dollars per roll. Each roll should last a few months.

    Buy the two inch wide wrap. The "Self-Grip" variety is actually more durable than the "Ace" brand. Another quick note, avoid the thinner "no hurt" variety of this self adhesive wrap. It is not only thinner and will change your wrapped size, but much less durable. Stick to my suggestions and your sizing will be much easier. Your self adhesive wrap will also act as a "stencil" for cutting the wrap from the sweatshirt. So, cut your self adhesive wrap first. Grab a 12 inch ruler and a tape measure while you are out shopping if you do not already own these. A small notebook will also come in handy soon to keep track of your starting size and progress with Malehanger.

    For Buying Your Self Adhesive Wrap Online, Search or Google for “2 inch cohesive sport wrap”. You Only Need A Roll Or Two.



    Below is an example of one user's wraps

    Malehanger Wrap
    Wrapped on the penis
    Malehanger wrap example


    I myself use a partial silicone sleeve, rather than wrap, as do a few others. It is all about finding what works best for you. The silicone sleeves are much easier to apply and foolproof, but can wear down a bit over time inside the hanger, so may need replacing sometimes (I have a dozen of them, so that isn't much of an issue).
    Link to the sleeve I use myself (I use the large size)

    As for hanging the weight, I also used a carabiner rather than the provided hook, for increased safety, and a weight arbor with weight plates.

    Here are some Ebay links as an example (note - the wrist roller comes with an arbor, which is what we're looking for)


    4. Full instructions and how to guide + SAFETY PRECAUTIONS

    NOTE: There is far, far more detail in the instruction manual that I have linked to, which you will get the link to in the package as well. This is a review so the exact method of applying it will not be covered, although relevant factors in considering whether to buy it or not are

    5. My own results and experience


    Malehanger in Use
    (Featuring some incredible editing)
    Malehanger Use Review by GetHung real photo
    I have been using malehanger for just over a month as of the 29th of July 2019, alongside other devices, which isn't sufficient time to see verifiable gains solely from this.
    However, I have found it to be, after around a week or so of learning the ropes, very simple to use and comfortable. Because it only compresses on section of the penis, I noticed a very good, deep stretch throughout the rest of the shaft - something that the LGHanger, when I was using a long sleeve with it, didn't do. This made me practice rolling up the sleeve on the LGHanger sometimes to stretch more of the shaft itself, rather than mostly ligaments, which, with this modification, it now did very well.
    I usually do 2-3 sets of 10-15 minutes, with 5 minutes break in between, before switching to the LGHanger for an hour. I find the malehanger allows me to get the penis really stretched out fast and ready for a longer session with other devices. Total Man, another PE figure and great guy, on his Youtube channel also mentioned this, saying in fact he could hang more weight with the Malehanger than the LGHanger as he was having problems with glans pain/ blisters (likely to reduce in time, but for the moment it is a limiting factor for him - guys have hung 50lbs+ with the LGHanger).
    When I would try and do sets of over 20 minutes (the recommended maximum) I noticed i was getting little red spots on the glans (small burst blood vessels), so dialled it back down again.
    As said in the instructions, Malehanger has a pretty active discord group, which the creator frequents, to chat and discuss any queries you have or discuss enlargement in general. I myself found this very useful when I wanted to see if I could use the silicone sleeve to wrap the penis, rather than the suggested two layer wrapping method, which the creator said it ought to be fine, so long as I found it comfortable.
    The Malehanger is also very lightweight and compact - this can be very useful when travelling when you don't want to fall behind on your routine. You can simply hang random, appropriately weighted, items from the hook or a light carabiner using string or fabric to attach the weight for 20-40 minutes a day to keep growing and not fall behind on your routine.
    This is in contrast to the LGHanger, which is bulkier and heavier to take around, as well as harder to keep hidden. I myself used a shoe box with both devices inside, as well as the phallosan, put it in my big suitcase and it all went fine.
    [You can also use light resistance bands for creating resistance, which I will explain in another future post] 


    6. How would I recommend this for? Who would I NOT recommend this for?

    The size is also very adjustable, even for truly enormous girths, using the bottom screws. This is unlikely to be the case for 95% of users, but a description of how to do so is in the online instruction manual.
    For very small girths, you can simply add a specified extra amount of wrap.
    I would suggest a minimum erect penis length of 4" to use this device, as otherwise it may be hard to apply the whole device on and there won't be much shaft which isn't compressed to stretch. For smaller sizes, I would recommend first starting with the Bathmate and a program of intense manual exercises to get some newbie gains, after which you will have much more choice over enlargement methods.
    (Quick Note: massive respect for all the smaller guys facing their problems rather than listening to the depressive siren song so many people will have you believe - I know a few guys who went from below this size to above average)  Below is an image from Imgur, linked from r/ajelqforyou of one guys progress - flaccid progress on the left, erect progress on the right


    Here is a post for anyone smaller and skeptical whether this can change


    Penis enlargement success
    In addition to being adjustable, it is great device for those who lack the time or privacy to do 1 hour + of enlargement a day - the creator Ben Clark has himself gained over 2 inches in both flaccid and erect length solely through using the malehanger - no ADS or anything else! He simply hung for around 40 minutes a day, with gradually increasing weight
    I would also recommend it to those currently using extenders, pumps, ADS systems or simple manual exercises looking for a way to speed up their gains - no one wants to have to spend a decade pulling on their dick! Add on 20-40 minutes of malehanger hanging in your day and you will gain faster.
    With the correct methods, pretty much anyone can achieve their goals within 1-5 years: depending on how ambitious they are [average is 2]. A small investment into the malehanger can save months, if not YEARS of work as it allows you to gain maximally.
    I wouldn't recommend it to most people who already have the LGHanger as they already have a great hanger which can do everything the malehanger does - although PERHAPS it might allow you to condition your penis for higher weights faster - so might be useful for the couple of months you start out.
    The benefits for those who travel regularly or want to hide their device have been covered in the section above.
    Value wise - it is $59 with the discount code - here is a screenshot from the website to put this in perspective compared to the other hangers on the market:
    Malehanger Bibhanger Lghanger comparison
    Great for those who are on an initial limited budget but still want to gain fast.


    7. Pros & Cons




    ✅ Great Value

    ✅ Very well explained instructions

    ✅ Lightweight and easy to transport

    ✅ Very adjustable - fits almost all sizes

    ✅ Discord Support Group

    ✅ Comprehensive Instructions

    ✅ Can use more weight than an extender or ADS

    ✅ You can gain with only 30 minutes a day

    ✅ Comes with spare wing nut and a quality guarantee

    ✅ Very Discreet packaging




    ❌ Risk of injury if you don't follow the instructions

    ❌ Have to take it off then put on again every 20 minutes - compared to the LGHanger which you can leave on for 1-2h +

    ❌ You need to buy some extra parts (e.g. wrap, weights)

    ❌ Can be hard to understand how to use at first (though it is easy once you get used to it)


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    GetHung Penis Enlargement Logo

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