Unsure how to start? Tried and Tested Beginner Routines


So - you've found out about the penis enlargement community, seen the evidence for yourself, and, like I was, are probably very confused about how to actually start.

There are legions of different sites spreading misleading, one sided information all in the hope of selling "affiliate" products - you will notice some brands popping up over and over again in ""reviews"" and paid google ads - despite being almost identical to generic devices which cost 10% of their price!

This means that, for every device you buy, they get a decent chunk of the profits. Naturally, this leads to a lot of aggressive sales tactics that DON'T CARE what results you get - they just want your money **NOW** (or their *super special* sale will end - sales which are actually on all year round and created simply to build urgency so you buy)

Now guess what? This short-termism leads the general public to be even more skeptical of the industry - as thousands buy the **special** affiliate devices and then are left with uncomfortable, tricksy devices that few have ever gained serious size with.

I'd bet 80% of them have never even used the devices.

There are some really great channels, however, which have started to massively buck the trend, so don't assume the above for *all* channels - just make sure to keep the b*******t goggles on! 

We only ever recommend products that WORK.

ALL OF US at GetHung have successfully gained inches in size over the course of a year and I'd like to think our knowledge speaks for itself throughout the blog, in fact I am writing this article as I'm wearing the LGHanger with a pulley under the desk.

Our education is based on theoretical research and is backed by practical application. We only write about what works, not what *might* work or what doesn't work. We believe that training information should filter down from the real practitioners and top gainers at the the top rather than spew out from the keyboard warriors and those with no experience at the bottom.

Our goal is simple. To optimise every part of ourselves, pushing many limitations and boundaries in doing so.



(13lbs for 60 minutes)

 So, without further ado, here are my recommended beginner routines:

Beginner Routines


1. JP 90 Day Program

The JP90 is the most commonly recommended beginner program, used by thousands of newbies - and with good reason. It likely won't give you significant growth, however...

It requires no devices and helps condition your penis for more advanced exercises in the future

Learning these basic "manual" stretches may seem "boring" or ineffective at first, but they provide you a great toolkit for the start of your enlargement journey.

Jelqing, for example, is something I still do today and would recommend to almost all PE practitioners as it helps expand the blood vessels in the penis that otherwise slightly thin out as you get longer. 

Manual routines can also be used while travelling or when you have limited time

All of the above can be added on to any device routine, which will speed up growth significantly.

You will learn to "feel" the stretch and understand how the penis works. Most people, me included, start off with little idea of what a stretch FEELS like or what our natural limits are (the penis is very tough, don't worry too much). 

This routine is NOT enough for serious gains - as beyond easy newbie gains the penis requires a "critical" traction force to grow via collagen remodelling - hence why we are big fans of top quality devices. Very, very, very few have gained serious length manually (usually over decades, compared to a year or two using the optimal devices) - likewise for girth to almost the same extent.





Device Based


Why Quality Devices are Crucial if You Want To Gain Serious Size *And Still Have a Life*

Many beginners are reluctant to invest in devices, having seen, as explained above, tons of spam adverts promising impossible gains, putting them off. 

Despite this, its important to remember, you get what you pay for and your time is valuable - there are quality devices on the market that will give you gains that manual exercises simply CANNOT

Given I was going to spend hundreds of hours on PE, to me, if I value my time at £20 an hour, PE will have an opportunity cost (value of time spent) of £6000+ over the course of a few years. I put it at £20,000 for myself, but in the future I expect to earn a bit more than £20 an hour. This is a big investment.
Being able to speed up these gains and gain fast to me then is very much worth the initial investment of a few hundred pounds/dollars/euro. Though I probably could get it to work with some Chinese EBay knockoff, a lot of time will be wasted and efficiency lost.
If I had a son or close friend I had to advise on how to start, I would definitely recommend them, at least after a few months of reaping newbie gains, to get quality devices. You will be able to gain fast and keep gaining for years
In the long run, a quality product will save a lot of time and effort, whether that is the LGHanger or the Phallosan or whatever comes up in the future.
So far, the progress has been superb and I’m very happy with it. I’m just a bit sad I wasted half of last years summer pulling on my dick!
In my case, I made up my mind to buy the LGHanger after reading the posts of u/sdbilli68 (reddit user) on how he gained 2” in just over a year and looked back at my own slow gains in the previous year and realised I had to program my training properly, like at the gym.
Using the LGHanger, with an ADS, I saw you can gain multiple inches in 2 years, compared to the plateaus you see others hitting after half a decade and hundreds of hours spent. 
My aim is to gain fast and safely, then enjoy them. Not sat in a dark room for years pulling on my dick: happy I saved a small amount of money but with little to no gains.
No disrespect to those who choose to go the manual route, just look at the value of the time you are spending on this. 1 hour a day with the hanger (while I browse on the phone or even do work- using a pulley system I made) and a few more hours with an ADS is something I can do for years.
The hours of manual exercises before meant I was wasting away valuable time I can never get back.
That's why quality, tried and tested devices are worth every penny

1. Bathmate Based Routine

Link to OFFICIAL Bathmate Supplier Here 

(Click on the flag at the top right of the page to select your country)


Bathmate Hydropumps


I currently own both the Hydromax 7 and Hydroextreme 7, the former was my first ever penis enlargement device in fact - a product which went on to change my life

Bathmate is a vacuum water pump, which you insert your penis into while in the shower or bath (or over something you can spray water onto). As you slowly pump water out of the tube, this creates a vacuum and the negative pressure expands the penis.

With consistency, your penile tissues will become permanently larger, leading to length and (mainly) girth gains

You also will experience fun temporary gains for 6-12+ hours after a session, with about +0.25" in length and +0.25" to +0.75" in girth. This is great for before sex and you will literally see for yourself that penis enlargement is possible (+ the benefits of a bigger dick xD)

The temporary gains also include your FLACCID size too, giving you a "hung" look throughout the day that becomes more prominent over time and permanent.

The Bathmate was originally designed as a treatment method for ED, with FDA approval for that use, so you likely will also experience stronger erections. I certainly did, despite never having any issues with ED in the past.

Even once you start adding other exercises and/or devices into your routine, the Bathmate can help speed up your gains (this has been observed by dozens of guys - my theory is that it "loosens" various areas of the penis up, so they can stretch more easily). It also will always give you a temporary boost - no matter how large you are - great for before sex


Sizing Guide

Its key to bear in mind that getting an excessively large pump will NOT make you gain faster. In fact, it severely reduces the maximum vacuum pressure, making you gain slower. 

Here are our recommendations for newbies, based on erect, non pumped, starting size

(Bear in mind you will be about 0.5" longer in the tube - hence our adjusted size guidance)

Up to 3" - Hydromax 3 (It's a New Model, not included in the below diagram)

3" - 4.5" - Hydromax/Hydroextreme 5

4.5" - 6.5"- Hydro/Hydromax/Hydroextreme 7

Over 6.5" - Hydromax/Hydroextreme 9

(Very, very few people are likely to require the 11)

Bathmate Sizing Guide


Which Model?

For a complete newbie, we would recommend the Hydromax series. They aren't too expensive and will last for YEARS - the benefits of the Hydroextreme come in mostly after you have gained some girth already and you reach a plateau - although if you are determined to gain *fast* and can afford it, it might be the best option for you.

The Hydro series pump does its job and is the cheapest of the range. Its maximum pressure is only 60% of the max of the Hydromax and Hydroextreme (without the ball pump), so gains will be slower. If cost is an issue and you are 4.5" - 6.5", then it is worth considering.


Very Basic Instructions

Note that the instruction manual is very comprehensive, so don't worry too much about the exact specifics until you are sure you are getting one.


A Few Tips Most People Don't Mention 

1. Shave your pubes - or the vacuum will keep failing

2. Use warm water - this will allow the penis to expand more (be careful not to burn yourself - don't overdo it)

3. If you have a tight foreskin, check out the Phimostop. I struggled for over a YEAR trying to fix my phimosis, trying everything I could after urologists claimed it wouldn't work. Phimostop fixed the issue in a week. (I would also recommend manual frenulum stretches)

(Phimocure does NOT work at treating the issue fully as the ridges lead to a ton of inflammation as the ring size increases - even the only blogger I found on the issue couldn't fix his own problem. I even tried using local anaesthetic on the foreskin in an attempt to wear it all day, leading to a BLACK ring of dead cells! Don't rip your foreskin/frenulum like I did in the pump(+ had the water turn a red colour)

4. Don't overdo it - if the pain is really unpleasant, it will not speed up your gains, but demotivate you - be semi-intense and slowly push more water out - but do not overdo it - you only have one dick!

5. Listen to an audiobook/ podcast/ youtube video in the background [NOT PORN - if you can't get hard, fine - Porn will screw up your motivation]


Optional Modifications to the Routine (Make sure to wait a couple of months before trying these)

1. Supersetting with Jelqing - 5 minutes pump / 5 minutes jelq

2. Combining with the JP90

3. Using an extender alongside it to boost length gains

Link to OFFICIAL Bathmate Supplier Here

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2. Extender Based Routine

 Want to gain decent *length* without having to set aside much time in the day for PE? An extender based routine may be for you.

Recommended Extenders

(You can read more about them by clicking on the links)

1. Sizedoctor Pro - my personal favourite - both powerful and comfortable

2. Sizegenetics - well trusted brand with a variety of comfort options

3. Phallosan Forte (Technically an All Day Stretcher)

Click on the link below to order from the OFFICIAL manufacturer 



Your first few weeks will be all about learning how to use the device and smoothly integrate it into your routine as well as conditioning your penis for exercise. Much like joining a gym.

Initial Things to Do

  • Taking initial measurements (so you can track your gains!)
  • Going through the instructions provided
  • Watching tutorials (we have a full collection on our blog for the Sizedoctor)
  • Practicing taking your device on and off 
  • Adjusting your sizing/ settings (maximising comfort is crucial)
  • Getting a "feel" for what the stretch is like
  • Figuring out when and where you can wear the device - discretion, comfort, adjustment time and even toilet breaks are all factors you must account for - I find phallosan is the only device I can wear discreetly in public without looking like I have a massive tube down my leg.

Another factor you must consider as you begin your training is conditioning

What is conditioning?

Before you start PE, your penis hasn't adapted to the physical stress of being extended multiple hours daily. This means starting out with an extremely intense routine will likely lead to injuries, excessive glans swelling and scar tissue formation. Much like starting marathon running with 0 running experience.

Over time, the penis adapts to the stresses from an extender and recovery processes improve. Much like the gym. The penis can be one tough organ - with gradual increments you really can push it to it's limit! (Bib, one of the early PEers, ended up hanging from <10 to 45lbs as he went from 6 to 10.5" - an extreme feat and testament to the adaptive ability of the penis!)

That's why we say:

  • For the first week extend for no more than 2 hours a day - none to low tension
  • Then each week add on 1-2 hours to your maximum and very gradually increase the tension depending on how you feel (up to 14 hours)
  • PE is an ultra-marathon, not a sprint. Remember that. If it isn't comfortable and manageable, then you wont be able to put in the hundreds and possibly thousands of hours required to achieve your goals


3. Hanging Based Routine

Daunting, isn't it? The idea of hanging weights off your penis certainly does sound intense at first.

The intensity is why it's so effective.


So long as you use a quality device, start very light, follow the instructions and slowly progress, hanging will likely give you the fastest gains currently possible

From reddit user u/sdbilli68 who gained 2" in 1 year with this approach, to Bib (creator of the BibHanger), who gained an insane 4.5" in 2 years, most of the fastest 2"+ gainers used hanging.

Read Bib's story here

Thats more than almost anyone would ever want or need, so you can GET IT DONE AND ENJOY THE RESULTS - rather than spending a decade or more with ineffective devices because you don't want to hang and/or spend money.

If I was able to go back to when I started out, this is the routine I would have used the LGHanger and Malehanger (alongside the Phallosan Forte / LGHanger All Day Stretcher to keep the penis "healing when extended") - no doubt about it - and likely would be around an inch longer than I currently am.


To learn more about the two hanging devices, along with recommended training routines, use the links below:




Key Points to Bear in Mind During Your PE Journey

1. Penis Enlargement is a marathon, not a sprint

2. Integrate it into your routine as comfortably as possible - less burnout risk!

3. Occasional days off are fine - keep living your life!

4. You get what you pay for - do you really want to waste a year with crappy devices that give 0 results?

Any questions? Feel free to email us at gethungofficial@gmail.com or DM via instagram @get_hung 

Still in doubt whether PE works? READ THIS

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